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Ron Davis,   M.A. (Queen’s U.), Ph.D. (Simon Fraser U.); C. Psych. (Ontario)

Associate Professor     Phone: 807-343-8646     E-mail :

Dr. Davis is a Clinical Psychologist who considers himself a scientist-practitioner with a cognitive-behavioural orientation. Broad research and clinical interests are in the assessment and treatment of adult psychological disorders. Specific interests include body image, eating behaviour, positive emotionality, and the biopsychology of self-regulation in these areas with regard to electrophysiological activity of the heart and brain. Teaching includes 2101 undergraduate statistics, and graduate courses 5551 Clinical Interviewing and 5311 Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy.

            More information can be found on his Website:      

C. A. Gordon Hayman,   Ph.D. (McMaster U.)

Associate Professor, Chair    Phone 807-343-8480     E-mail :

Dr. Hayman's research interests concern cognitive processes, including problem solving, memory, and unconscious influences on thought and action. Recent research in his laboratory has focused on the study of basic processing mechanisms in semantic and episodic memory. He teaches Introduction to Cognitive Psychology (Psychology 2003), Problem Solving, Thinking, and Cognition (Psychology 3611), Memory and Cognition Laboratory (Psychoogy 3811), Human Learning and Memory (Psychology 4511), Emotion & Motivation (Psychology 4531), and Cognitive Neuropsychology (Psychology 5111).

Rupert Klein,   Ph.D. (McGill U.)

Associate Professor     Phone 807-343-8535     E-mail:

Dr. Klein is a personality and health psychologist whose research focuses generally on how individuals cope with anxiety. He presently teaches Personality Psychology, The Psychology of Human Sexuality and Industrial / Organizational Psychology. For more detailed information on his research and publications please visit his website at:

Amanda Maranzan,   M.A., Ph.D. (Lakehead U.); C. Psych. (Ontario)

Assistant Professor      Phone 807-343-8322     E-mail:

Dr. Maranzan is a clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology. She obtained her Ph.D. at Lakehead University and completed her residency in professional psychology at Memorial University in Newfoundland. Her research interests are in Aboriginal mental health, mood and anxiety disorders, social determinants of health, and mental health outcome research. She teaches Psych 2004 (Abnormal Psychology), Psych 5271 (Ethical and Professional Issues), and Psych 6531 (Community and Rural Psychology). Dr. Maranzan is also the Research Director for the Northern Ontario Psychology Internship Consortium. She engages in part-time clinical practice at the Mental Health Outpatient Programs, St. Joseph's Care Group, primarily conducting diagnostic assessments with adult outpatients. Dr. Maranzan is a scientist-practitioner and practices from a cognitive-behavioural orientation.

More information can be found on her website:

Dwight Mazmanian,   M.A., Ph.D. (U. of Western Ontario); C. Psych. (Ontario)

Associate Professor     Phone 807-343-8257     E-mail:

I am a clinical psychologist with interests in adult assessment and psychopathology, and a scientist-practitioner with a cognitive-behavioural/biological orientation. My research interests include the psychometric evaluation or modification of existing scales and the development of new scales or novel assessment methodologies. Biological, cognitive, and interpersonal aspects of mood disorders are also a primary interest (biological aspects include sex hormones, pregnancy and the postpartum period, menopause, and psychopharmacology). Additional interests include problem gambling, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, evolutionary psychology, mindfulness, stress, and professional burnout. I teach Psychology 3201 (Introduction to Psychometric Theory), Psychology 4531 (Motivation), Psychology 5075 (Mood Disorders), Psychology 6251 (Advanced Assessment Techniques), and Psychology 5491 (Clinical Psychopharmacology). 

More information can be found on his website:

Christopher Mushquash,   M.A. (Lakehead University), Ph.D. (Dalhousie University); C. Psych. (Ontario)

Assistant Professor      Phone 807-343-8239     E-mail:

Christopher Mushquash, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at Lakehead University, and the Division of Human Sciences at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. He completed an Honours Bachelor of Science (Psychology), and Master of Arts (Experimental Psychology) at Lakehead University, and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Dalhousie University. He completed the northern Pre-Doctoral Residency in the Department of Clinical Health Psychology, in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba. His clinical training emphasized the importance of understanding unique contexts and issues in service delivery to individuals living in rural and northern communities. Dr. Mushquash’s research and clinical work focuses on culturally appropriate addiction and mental health assessment and intervention for First Nations people through partnership with First Nation communities and organizations. He teaches Psychology 2011 (Child Development), Psychology 2012 (Childhood Disorders), Psychology 4811 (Addictive Disorders), Psychology 5711 (Research Methods and Program Evaluation) and Psychology 6231 (Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence).

More information can be found on his website:

Kirsten Oinonen, M.A., Ph.D. (Lakehead U.); C. Psych.(Ontario)

Associate Professor     Phone: 807-343-8096     E-mail:

Dr. Oinonen is a researcher and a clinical psychologist. The overall aims of her research are to better understand: (a) the effects of hormones and drugs on human health and behaviour (e.g., mood, cognition, and sexual behavior) and (b) human mating strategies. Current research interests include: the effects of hormones on behaviour (e.g., effects of hormonal contraceptives, testosterone, the menstrual cycle, and hormonal genes on mood and cognition), evolutionary psychology (e.g., factors affecting mating strategies and sociosexuality), drugs and cognition, neuropsychology, and hormonal effects on women's health (e.g., puberty, menopause, pregnancy). Her clinical interests are primarily in clinical neuropsychology and the assessment of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). Recent courses taught include: Psychology 3401 (Behaviour and Drugs), Psychology 4431 (Biopsychology II: Neuropsychological Dysfunctions), Psychology 5475 (Behavioural Endocrinology), Psychology5731 (Neuropsychological Interventions), and Psychology 5731 (Neuropsychology and Neuropathology). Lakehead website:
More information can be found on her LinkedIn profile: her ResearchGate profile: .

Edward P. Rawana,   M.A., Ph.D. (U. of Waterloo); C. Psych. (Ontario).

Associate Professor, Director of Clinical Training     Phone: 807-343-8453     E-mail:

Dr. Rawana is a Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychologist, and is also the Director of the Centre of Excellence for Children and Adolescents with Special Needs. Dr. Rawana's broad research and clinical interests are in the study of strengths and high risk behaviors in children, adolescents and their families. He has a particular interest in the assessment of Psychological Strengths; and, has been involved in the development of psychological assessment tools that measure Psychological Strengths in preschoolers, adolescents, and adults. He teaches the graduate course in Clinical Assessment. Dr. Rawana's theoretical orientation is cognitive-behavioral, systemic, and focused on positive psychology.

Michael Stones,   B. Tech. (Brunel), Ph.D. (Sheffield)

Professor     Phone: 807-343-8994     E-mail: :

Dr. Stones has a broad program of research that includes aging, quality of life, and assessment and intervention within health and social care. His current projects related to individual differences in aging, the modeling of psychological well-being, the abuse of older people, physical activity effects on cognition, and the design and evaluation of health assessment systems. Much of this work includes collaboration with community groups and agencies. He teaches Psychology 3151 (Aging and Cognition), Psychology 4131 (Psychology and Aging), Psychology 5211 (Psychogerontology).

More information can be found on his website:

Mirella Stroink, M.A., Ph.D. (York U.)

Associate Professor     Phone: 807-346-7874     E-mail": 

Dr. Stroink conducts research that weaves together elements of social, cultural, community, and environmental psychology. Current research includes both basic and applied studies on topics such as (a) the implicit cognitive assumptions that influence environmentally relevant behavior and their cultural and experiential roots, (b) food security and resilience in Northern communities, (c) bicultural identity and acculturation processes, and (d) cognitive styles and learning systems that foster community adaptiveness and resilience. The overall aim of her research is to better understand the factors underlying individual and community well-being through a perspective informed by complex adaptive systems theory. Courses taught include Social Psychology (2801), Cross-Cultural Psychology (3210), Environmental Psychology, Community Psychology (4215), and Social Cognition (5130).

More information can be found on her website:

Josephine Tan,   M.A., Ph.D. (U. of New Brunswick); C. Psych. (Ontario)

Associate Professor     Phone 807-346-7751     E-mail:

Dr. Tan is a clinical psychologist with research interests in health issues from a cultural, gender, and systemic perspective. She is also a supervisor for the Collaborative Graduate Program with Specialization in Women’s Studies. Current projects are on depression, self-harm behaviours, and northern health issues. Her clinical practice includes adults, child and family, and with First Nations individuals. Her theoretical orientations are cognitive-behavioural, interpersonal, and systemic.

Michael F. Wesner,   M.Sc., Ph.D. (Washington State U.)

Associate Professor     Phone: 807-343-8457     E-mail:

Dr. Wesner is a behavioral neuroscientist and psychophysicist whose interests are in vision physiology, plasticity, bimodal attention, time perception and the biorhythmic properties of perception. He is currently researching the visual processes of seasonal and non-seasonal depression; the sensory and perceptual properties of cognitive avoidance; endocrine influences on visual processing including studying the female reproductive cycle and its effects on visual hierarchical operations; sensory dysregulation in ADHD-type adults; visual cortical and subcortical human plasticity; nontraditional visual pathways involving melatonin and intrinsic photosensitive ganglion cells; intermodal influences on language processing; and the effects of age, sex and culture on attention and on time perception. Dr. Wesner teaches Psychology 3161 (Sensation & Perception), Psychology 2401 (Foundations of Biopsychology), Psychology 4411 (Biopsychology 1), Psychology 3811 (Special Topics-Psychophysics of Color), Psychology 4811 (Human Factors), Psychology 5751 (Topics in Biological Psychology - Immunoassay Principles and Techniques), and Psychology 5471 (Psychopharmacology).

More information can be found on his website:

PSYCHOLOGY Professors Emeritus  [Click [Here] or Select name for additional information.]

Stephen R. Goldstein,   M.Sc., Ph.D. (U. of Alberta)

Associate Professor     Phone: 807-###-####     E-mail:

Retired, August 2009.

Dr. Goldstein is an Experimental Psychologist whose major areas of interest concern the evolutionary and learning aspects of behaviour. Current interests focus on operant aspects of ecology and economics, as well as the application of behaviour principles to sport (baseball) and human social relations. Dr. Goldstein taught Psychology ll00 (Introduction to Psychology), Psychology 250l (Conditioning and Learning), Psychology 33ll/335l (Animal Behaviour/Research Methods in Animal Behaviour).

John L. Jamieson,   Ph.D. (U. of British Columbia)

Professor     Phone 807-###-####     E-mail:

Retired, July 2015.

Dr. Jamieson is partially retired. He still teaches Psychology 3911 (Research Methods), Psychology 5151 (Multivariate Statistics), and Psychology 2211 (Introduction to Health Psychology). 

William T. Melnyk,   M.A., Dip Clinical Psych., Ph.D. (Queens U.), Clinical Psych. (Ontario)

Professor Emeritus     Phone 807-###-####     E-mail:

Retired, July 2000.

Dr. Melnyk is a Clinical Psychologist who has had experimental training. His specialties are clinical counselling, post traumatic stress, cognitive behaviour modification, stress and biomedicine, collecting normative data on tests, ethical, legal, and professional issues. As well, he is a Consulting Psychologist with McKellar General Hospital and several government agencies. At the hospital, he supervises graduate training in assessment, techniques of behaviour modification, family and marital counselling, individual behaviour modification, and individual psychotherapy. Dr. Melnyk was President Elect of the Canadian Psychology Association in 2002

Charles Netley,   M.A. (Queen's U.), Ph.D. (London); C. Psych (Ontario)

Professor Emeritus     Phone 807-###-####     E-mail:

Retired, July 2004.

Dr. Netley is a clinical psychologist with particular interests in neuropsychology, clinical psychology (especially child clinical), and developmental disorders. Dr. Netley would welcome students interested in combining issues from the above areas,e.g., lateralization and symptomatic phenomena). He taught: The Exceptional Child (Psychology 3081), Learning Disabilities (Psychology 5415), History of Psychology (Psychology 4611) and Psychopathology of Childhood and Adolescence (Psychology 6231). Recent publications have appeared in Brain and Cognition, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Clinical Genetics.

K. Paul Satinder,   M.A. (Panjab), Ph.D. (Mysore)

Professor Emeritus     Phone 807-###-####     E-mail:

Retired, July 2001.

A Biopsychologist whose research interests focus on biological basis of behaviour. His research in behavioural genetics, behavioural pharmacology and behavioural genetic teratology has received international acclaim.

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