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Introductory Psychology


Departmental Policy on Research Participation


Students at Lakehead University can earn up to 6 bonus points to add to their final Intro Psych grade by participation in research or by writing one double-spaced page summary of a psychology article (1% per 1-hour-research-participation or per research-summary) or a combination of the two.


The Intro Psych student participation in psychological studies serves several purposes:

*        it offers a hands-on experience with psychological studies and the research protocol as opposed to reading about them in the text book,

*        the debriefing offers the student participants research information about the area that the study is examining and thereby expanding their psychological knowledge, 

*        the experience of participating in a psychological study offers them the unique perspective of what it means to be a participant and that would benefit the students later on when they design their own undergraduate thesis studies.


All research using the Introductory Psychology Pool is approved by the Psychology Department.



Link to Bonus points Awarded for Student Participation


Link to Listing of Psychology Experiments Available for Introductory Psychology Credit

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