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Department of Psychology

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SN 1042
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Undergraduate Syllabi

Psychology 2017 Fall/Winter Courses

FALL Course
Course Name
PSYC-2011-FA Child Development Dr. Aislin R. Mushquash
PSYC-2511-FDE Conditioning and Learning Dr. Edouard St Pierre
PSYC-3131-FA Psychology of Aging Dr. Michael J. Stones
PSYC-3911-FA Intro Res Processes Dr. Dwight S. Mazmanian
PSYC-4032-FA Psychotherapy I - History Dr. Josephine Tan
PSYC-4111-FA Adv Statistics Behavioural Res Mr. Bruce Weaver
PSYC-4331-FA Advanced Social Psychology Dr Rupert Klein
PSYC-4511-FA Learning and Memory Dr Gordon Hayman

Course Name
PSYC-1100-YA Introductory Psychology Ms. Susan E. SajnA
PSYC-1100-YB Introductory Psychology Dr. Michael R. Moland
PSYC-1100-YC Introductory Psychology Ms. Susan E. SajnA
PSYC-1100-YD Introductory Psychology Dr. Deborah M. Scharf
PSYC-2003-YA Intro Cognitive Psychology Dr Gordon Hayman
PSYC-2004-YA Abnormal Psychology Ms. Susan E. SajnA
PSYC-2101-YA Stat Methods Behaviour Research Dr. Ron B. Davis
PSYC-2301-YA Personality Psychology Laurie Hollis-Walker
PSYC-2401-YA Found Behavioural Neuroscience Dr. Michael Wesner
PSYC-2801-YA Social Psychology Dr. Michael R. Moland
PSYC-3161-YA Sensory Neurosci & Perceptual Dr. Michael Wesner
PSYC-3201-YA Intro Psychometric Theory Dr. Dwight S. Mazmanian
PSYC-3401-YDE Behaviour and Drugs Dr. Michael R. Moland

Winter Course
Course Name
PSYC-2012-WA Childhood Disorders Dr. Aislin R. Mushquash
PSYC-3210-WDE Cultural Psychology Ms. Taslim Alani
PSYC-3211-WA Environmental Psychology Dr. Mirella Stroink
PSYC-3331-WA Indust & Organizational Psyc Dr Rupert Klein
PSYC-4151-WA Advan Stud in the Psy of Aging Dr. Edouard St Pierre
PSYC-4531-WA Emotion and Motivation Dr Gordon Hayman
PSYC-4611-WA History of Psychology Dr. Laurence Fiddick
PSYC-4711-WA Neuropsychological Dysfunction Dr. Kirsten A. Oinonen

Previous Year's Syllabi

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